The Breakfast Nook

August 5, 2008

One of D’s criteria for houses when we were shopping was that the house have a breakfast room with a view. We do indeed have one, though it’s been in a state of disarray for quite some time now. It used to be a laundry room (connections still sticking out of the wall—someday we’ll get that fixed!) but now it’s a baking/utility area-mudroom-breakfast room.

Here’s the built-in cabinet in the breakfast room. It’s also not original to the house (more beadboard behind it, plus two capped connections that might have been water lines for a sink?) but probably dates to the 1940s, around the same time the kitchen was remodeled. It was painted pink when we moved in, but I’ve slowly been painting it white and refinishing the wood countertop. (It does have two cabinet doors, too, but they’re not finished yet.) We got the hardware for this from Ohmega Salvage, a great salvage yard in nearby Berkeley, CA.

Breakfast room built-in baking area

Breakfast room built-in baking area

And here’s the very messy breakfast nook. Once we finish the kitchen projects and clean this up, I’ll post a nicer photo, since for the first six months we lived here it was a lovely breakfast space (and will be again one day soon!)

Breakfast room!

Breakfast room!


One comment

  1. Lots of potential! You can see photos of my completed breakfast nook on my blog: http://www.julieloveshome.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/the-breakfast-nook/

    Good luck!

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