The Bathroom

August 13, 2008
Like the kitchen, the bathroom is no longer original but is still not too far out of touch with the Arts & Crafts period. The built-in cabinets could use some better hardware, but are pretty handy—we think they were added sometime in the 1940s or 1950s, possibly by the same cabinetmaker who built the kitchen cabinets. (They’re similar in style, though the bathroom drawer bottoms are old-school particle board while the kitchen drawer boxes are solid wood.) Apparently the grill in the bottom cabinet would originally have provided covered ventilation for the plumbing, but now it’s just an empty box.
Bathroom view from the hall

Bathroom view from the hall

Someday (hopefully someday soon!) we’ll replace the not-so-hot chrome and gold fixtures and plastic shelf with something a little classier. Right now I’m thinking an inset medicine cabinet like this one and a wall-mount soap dish like this one, though we haven’t quite figured out light fixtures and other hardware yet. Like the kitchen, though, everything in the bathroom is perfectly functional, and the tub, toilet, and sink were all replaced in ’97 so everything in this room is cosmetic.

Bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures


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