The Midwest comes to the Parkway’s rescue! (Maybe…)

May 29, 2009

If you’ve been following the saga of the Parkway Theater, you’ve probably heard the news: an Indiana-based theater group has expressed interest in possibly investing in the Parkway and reopening it as their first theater on the West Coast. Motion Picture Heritage currently runs a group of historic theaters in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, and got involved with the Parkway’s story through once (and future?) program director Will “the Thrill” Viharo, who was the link between the group and the Parkway’s owners. Details are all still up in the air, no deal is in place yet, and there are still some huge lingering issues like the massive renovations the Parkway needs. But still, it’s exciting news for all of us who are missing the Parkway Speakeasy (and mourning the recent loss of the Cerrito, the Parkway’s sister theater, which is also in search of an knight in shining armor).

There isn’t too much concrete information available right now, so rather than fuel all the supposition, I’ll just say—if you’d like to hear more about Motion Picture Heritage and weigh in on the future of the Parkway, make sure you get to this weekend’s community meeting!

When: THIS Sunday, May 31st, 3 pm to 5 pm
Where: Rooz Cafe, 1918 Park Boulevard
Why: Learn what the future may hold for the Parkway, and provide your own ideas and input.

From the organizers:

“We will bring the lowdown on the recent investor activity regarding the Parkway Theater. You will bring your diverse and rich experience, and a passion for movies, food, and drink. Together, we will construct our collective vision for the new Parkway.

The visioning process has already been done at previous I Like The Parkway meetings and through the spare time of various volunteers. This go-’round, we’ll be working off of those initial efforts to distill the community’s true desires for their beloved Parkway into a nice, digestible package for potential investors. The results of these discussions, along with our survey, will be part of the toolset that we will present to the investors that will help guide them in their processes, and ultimately will help us determine if we as a community should endorse them (we hope so!). Come join us!”

Can’t make it to the meeting? You can still offer your ideas through the group’s web survey.



  1. Thanks for the thorough, concise coverage. Please sign up, one and all, for our mailing list. Any future incarnation of the Parkway will need a mailing list!


  2. What’s going on in your garden??? My zucchini are about to take over.

  3. Seriously—mine too! I actually was just thinking last night that I need to get some photos of both the garden and the yard projects we tackled over Memorial Day weekend….will try to get that up this weekend.

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