2009 House Resolutions Check-in: June

June 23, 2009

We’re just about halfway through 2009, so I figured it was a good time for a resolutions check-in.

Here’s the original list: My New Year’s House Resolutions

…and here’s where we are today:

I have the bronze weatherstripping, but have yet to install it, so….partly done? Also got a great book, Working Windows, from our local bookstore after reading a stellar recommendation of it—it pretty much covers the weatherstripping (and everything else about wooden windows) from start to finish, so assuming I can master the art of removing and replacing the stops, I should be good.

Yard is (mostly) de-grassed and ready for paths, woohoo! Everything else is mulched in for the year, ten cubic yards of wood chips later….so let’s call it sixty percent done.

Lookin’ good so far! Summer veggies are all in as of last month. Leaf lettuce and arugula coming out our ears, and (knock on wood) even the tomatoes and squash look happy so far….


Picked out—I think we’re getting this one since D. wants one that spins—but not yet actually ordered, since I keep balking on the price (but also had issues with the crappiness of the $50 version that Ace sells….) Does that count?

So, so close….tiled and everything! Just waiting on the fix we need to install the new fixtures, which will complete the picture (and actually fix the leak, which in the end turned out to be in the tub spout).

Have the barrels, but haven’t set them up yet. Halfway there?

Supposedly this will be done tomorrow! (Currently we have no fence at all, although oddly, and fortunately, the Labradane seems to be oblivious to this.) Probably the most exciting development on the list so far. We’ll see if it’s still exciting once the new fence is actually up… (In the end, the company who manages the building we share this fence with chose the contractor. Somewhat against my better judgment, I didn’t pursue getting photos of their work or anything, as I was too exhausted by the year+ it took to work this whole thing out, and figured some fence was better than no fence. But for the insane amount of money it’s costing, I hope we like it….) We did not, sadly, get to use reclaimed wood on this. Luckily the fences on the other two sides of the yard don’t involve retaining walls or significant demolition work, so we should be able to tackle those ourselves when we finally get around to doing them—should be a lot easier to manage.

Umm. Yeah, not so much….but hey, there are still six months to go!



  1. We’ve got a clothes dryer very similar to the to the $50 Ace one (though I think I got ours at OSH). It’s help up pretty well, though we bring it into the basement when it’s not in use (otherwise it’d get covered in tree sap, dirt, etc.) so that’s part of it.

    Regarding the dishwasher, I recall you had an odd-sized space for it. Did you decide if you were going to do a major remodel or get the expensive one that fit your existing space?

  2. Thanks Gene—maybe we should give the Ace dryer a second look. As for the dishwasher, we decided it made the most sense to do a full remodel (partly after my uncle, who’s a cabinetmaker—though sadly not based in the area!—came out to take a look and agreed that the cabinets were not remotely worth saving). We don’t have the cash to tackle the whole thing right now, though, so it’s all in limbo as we figure out next steps. There are unfortunately several major projects (kitchen chimney removal, re-venting of furnace, flooring, etc.) that all hinge on one another, so it’s a tricky project to undertake in phases. We also need to figure out what we can realistically do ourselves and what we really need to contract out (e.g., chimney). So, we’ll see…

  3. I might look at this even cheaper one ($42) at Ace, which is the same style as the $150 one. I think having different levels would be an advantage for air flow and drying; the one we have and the $50 one have everything at one level.

    In any event, I’m glad our weather is nicer again so we can actually use the dryer. The constant cool and cloudy/foggy weather was getting old.

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