What we’ve been doing: Getting married!

July 7, 2010
Ceremony at Oakland’s Lake Temescal (Photo from Steve)

Ukelele vows!Ukelele vows! (Photo from Oliver & Nicole)

Exchanging the ringsExchanging the rings (Photo from Oliver & Nicole)

Among the many things we’ve been busy with while this blog has been on hiatus for the past five months is, of course, our wedding! A very big thank you to everyone who made our wedding day amazing:

  • Our wonderful friends and family, of course (and especially our fantabulous parents, siblings, and friends-turned-officiants, who really went the extra mile to make the weekend incredible!)
  • The East Bay Regional Parks District staff and Lake Temescal Regional Park, home to the Beach House, which turned out to be a practically perfect venue
  • Carrie Dove Catering in Emeryville/West Oakland and especially Kelly and Adam, who not only did a terrific job running the show before and during the reception, but even left a goodies basket on our doorstep a few days beforehand to get us through the last hours of planning
  • Pizza Politana and especially Joe, who cooked us tasty pies that we’re still hearing about (and remembered to bring anchovies for D!)
  • Moonbaby Cakes in San Francisco, who baked up a beautiful sea of cupcakes
  • Oak Barrel Winecraft in West Berkeley, who hooked D. up with his homebrew supplies to make half the beer, and Drake’s Brewing in San Leandro, who handled the rest
  • Slanted Door in San Francisco and their amazing sommelier, who handled the wine (thanks J!)
  • Fran Guidry, who serenaded the crowd with his slack-key guitar
  • DJ Tim, who not only jumped in on an eleventh hour recommendation (thanks J & K!), but managed to please just about everyone…and all without playing the Chicken Dance!
  • Christina Richards, who took an amazing number of photos (with an impressive array of cameras!) that we can’t wait to see (Update: first pics are posted here!)
  • Western Sun Floral at the Grand Lake Farmers Market, who supplied the beautiful flowers and bouquet (which my parents, aunts, and uncle turned into incredible arrangements!)
  • The Wedding Party in Rockridge, where Clara and Jennifer hooked me up with a lovely dress
  • Philippa Roberts on Piedmont Avenue, where we found the perfect rings (made by Carla Caruso) and jewelry (from Philippa’s collection)
  • Entourage Spa in Orinda, who not only handled our bunch of girls with grace, but also got bonus points for letting us watch the U.S. battle Ghana at the same time…
  • The Waterfront Hotel in Jack London Square, where our friends and family had a great stay
  • Cocina Poblana in Jack London Square, where D.’s parents hosted a delicious welcome dinner (with amazing margaritas!) for friends and family, and where we may have convinced at least a couple of people to move to California for the food!
  • The Claremont Hotel, where we successfully pretended to be a million miles from home on the wedding night thanks to a wonderful gift from D’s parents

Thank you, thank you, thank you—we love you all!

Trivia prizesCeremony trivia prizes! This is what happens when your best friends are artists… (And it was awesome—thanks J, N & D!)  (Photo from Steve)



  1. Woohoo! Congrats!

  2. Congrats! The Labradane wasn’t a part of the festivities?

    I love the “Local” vibe of your wedding! I wish you both all the best!

  3. Thanks to both of you! And Yolanda, we thought seriously about including him…but in the end, it was just too complicated to ask someone to take him home midway through the reception (and too crazy to keep him there through the whole thing—this was with lots of wine glasses and 17 kids under six, too!) so he stayed home. We did host a brunch the next day where he got to be the guest of honor, though!

  4. Congratulations! I too got my wedding dress at the Wedding Party and loved the experience.

  5. Thanks! And Becks, I have to admit—the Wedding Party was the first shop I went to, and I was so happy with the options and the staff that I never did make it to another shop…which is fine by me! 🙂

  6. Congratulations!!!! We wish you many happy years ahead for the both of you in your cute little bungalow!!

    P.S. We received a copy of the book a couple of months ago. Thank you for all of your efforts in making that happen!

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