February 10, 2011

For a while now, actually, but I’m doing an extraordinarily bad job of keeping this blog updated…so I’ll play catch-up with some kitchen photos as we inch closer to finally wrapping this thing up! Here’s what we accomplished in December (along with some other fun but less photogenic things like electrical and plumbing work).

This is our shiny new Marmoleum Click tile from Anderson Carpet & Linoleum on Broadway, installed in December by D. (with a little bit of help from me!) The Labradane is a fan, or at least he became one once he got used to slip-sliding on it! He’s perfected the art of stopping mid-kitchen and sliding the rest of the way to the back door—but remarkably, two months later this stuff has yet to show many scratches to speak of. So that gets it a thumbs up from me!

Next up: What we did in January


  1. Interesting to hear about the Marmoleum and the labradane. We’ve got Marmoleum (glue down tiles vs. the click), and my brother-in-law wondered about it with regards to doggy durability. I figured it would be pretty good visibly at least, because the colors are solid, not just painted on top.

  2. @Gene, we picked the Click in part because it was supposed to be pretty tough stuff with dogs…we do have a couple of scratches, but they’re all appliance in origin. I really only notice it on the dark tiles; the lighter ones hide almost everything, so I think if animals (or kids or other things that scratch floors!) are a factor I’d pick one of the lighter shades. The Click is a little different from the sheet in that it has a cork/wood underlay, though, so dunno if that affects how durable it is, but generally I’m a fan so far. It’s also super warm compared to our old ceramic tile!

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