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On kitchen gardens and backyard fruit trees

November 7, 2008

Most people who know us know that we have a mild obsession with the local food movement and, especially, with growing our own food. There’s a long tradition of kitchen gardens in some of Oakland’s older neighborhoods, and one of our house’s major selling points was the backyard orchard with 15 mature fruit trees; after we moved in, we added another six trees and two vegetable beds to our tiny city lot. D.’s initial plan was to have everything in the yard be edible, though we quickly thought better of that when we discovered how much work small patches of garden could entail! The first year has yielded mixed results—we’re not exactly experienced gardeners, and bugs and critters like our yard a lot too—but we’re getting better at it, and we’ve had some incredible harvests this year. It’s exciting to be able to plant whatever we feel like eating and then watch it grow. Even the Labradane gets into the act: he’s a pro at nibbling the flesh off of loquat pits and loves-loves-loves apples.

So when I discovered this project, I thought it sounded pretty amazing:

It’s a campaign that’s advocating for a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. The really exciting part is that another Bay Area blogger recently reported that during the campaign, Michelle Obama promised Alice Waters that she’d plant exactly that if they wound up being the house’s next tenants. It’s a promising step in the right direction!

It wouldn’t be the first time there’s been a White House garden, though:

Sure, it’s not quite up there with fixing the economy or ending the war, but I’d still be thrilled to see this pan out in the Obamas’ first year there.

Next up: White House chickens! (C’mon, it’s Washington, they’d fit right in….)